How do I book into a class or purchase a membership online?

  1. Click on "Account"

  2. Go to "Login/Signup”

  3. Create your account.

  4. Choose your preferred membership/class pass option.

  5. Book into your first class and email us at admin@lifestyleboom.com.au to book in for your complimentary initial assessment with our physiotherapist.

I’ve heard of Pilates, but what is it?

Pilates is a type of exercise that has become so much more than a fad workout. Developed by Joseph Pilates to improve all aspects of mental and physical fitness, Pilates engages all key muscle groups and requires concentration and control.

Pilates incorporates stretching and strengthening exercises and targets the abdominals, legs, arms, back and glutes. Movements usually involve some form of resistance, either from body weight or the spring-loaded reformer and other pieces of equipment. Sometimes Pilates is slow and focused on control, and at other times is fast and dynamic.

Pilates encourages you to focus on every day movements and positions. Pilates will heighten your body awareness, improve flexibility, strengthen, tone and encourage fat loss. Once you can understand your body through becoming familiar with Pilates, the results will be astounding both mentally and physically.

More about the memberships we offer.

Our membership packages are the best value option for anyone who is regularly doing 2 Reformer Pilates sessions a week or who would like the added flexibility of coming as often as they would like (maximum of one class per day) with our Unlimited membership offer.  

1. Your ongoing membership fee will be paid fortnightly in advance at the start of each fortnight.
2. You can pay by your specified payment option, which can be either a direct debit from a transaction account or a credit card.
3. Your membership can start from your date of purchase or you can nominate a date for it to start.
3. Your membership is for 12 months with a 3 month minimum term. One months written notice is required if you want to cease or suspend your membership payments with us.
4. The membership allows you access to any of our Reformer Pilates group classes which you can book into online or in studio. To cancel or reschedule any bookings 12 hours notice must be given and a late cancellation fee of $15 will be charged to your account. This is done for reasons of courtesy as other clients may have been waitlisted or wanting to book into your class.
5. Memberships may be frozen in multiples of 2 weeks, up to a maximum of 3 months per calendar year to accomodate any holidays etc. that you as a client may take.

Why is Pilates so good for you?

Pilates will help to rectify any imbalances you have by encouraging you to actively think about and engage all of your muscle groups. Pilates will improve your strength, posture and mobility, while also developing your relationship with how your body moves, feels and reacts to certain exercises. You can also apply the knowledge you develop about your body to every day movements to avoid injury and help you lead your optimal life.

Using resistance will also work up a sweat and boost your heart rate, giving you a fantastic cardiovascular workout.

I have never done Pilates before. Will your classes be suitable for me?

All of our classes can be adapted to suit all different experience and fitness levels. Our instructors will guide you through how to use our equipment if need be, and can change the pace, repetitions and resistance of exercises to suit you. If you have never used a Pilates Reformer before we also encourage you to book in for a complimentary initial assessment with our physiotherapist before your first class. Simply contact us by email at admin@lifestyleboom.com.au to organise a suitable time.

Where can I park?

Street parking is available out the front of our studio along Oxford street. There is also additional free parking available on Melrose street, a side street 50 metres away from us. You will also find free parking behind the Leederville Hotel on Vincent street.

Please make sure you read the parking signs and display a free one or three hour parking ticket where available.

We are also conveniently located a 5-minute walk away from Leederville Train Station and buses come up and down Oxford Street regularly.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your lovely self, a towel, a water bottle and grip socks.

How long does a class go for?

Our Reformer Pilates classes are all 45 minutes long. However, our Cardio Jump Board classes are 30 minutes long.

Can I claim back through my private health insurance?

Private health insurance companies have gradually started to become more ‘Pilates friendly’ in regards to recognising and providing cover for high quality Reformer Pilates classes. We cannot provide you with specifics as all health funds are different so we recommend that you call your health fund with any queries that you may have.

The best thing to do is to be persistent with your fund as private health insurance companies often recognise Pilates, but some employees can be a little unsure about the details. Please note that you cannot claim back for any classes that you have not had yet. If you invest in a package, it is easiest to claim back at the end.

What if I have a minor injury or condition?

If you are concerned in anyway about a minor injury or condition that you may have then we suggest that you book in with our Physiotherapist for a complimentary initial assessment. We can then recommend what classes would suit you best to attend, and what/if any moves during class you should avoid. 

Please also let one of our team members know about your injury or condition at the beginning of your class so we can tailor exercises to suit you.

If you are concerned about beginning exercise with us, please email us at admin@lifestyleboom.com.au for further advice.



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