Pilates balances the body, creating both strength and length. Our classes are taught on the Allegro 2 reformer, offering a wide range of exercises, which allows a focus on full body strengthening and toning.

Our expertly taught classes are both challenging and fun and have been designed to take your workout to the next level. Our social environment and limited class numbers have been designed to ensure your experience at LifestyleBoom leaves your feeling energized, vibrant and strong.


Our Pilates Sessions Are Designed To: 


  • Improve posture and core stability

  • Trim and tone your upper arms, thighs and bum

  • Increase muscular strength and flexibility

  • Leave you with a firmer and flatter stomach

  • Improve overall body tone and fitness

  • Prevent injury

  • Improve balance and co-ordination


For great results we recommend coming 3 or more times a week to notice the benefits. If you are looking to maintain a current level of fitness then 2 times a week is recommended.


Lifestyle Boom Pilates Class Descriptions
Our reformer pilates class is tailored to all ages and fitness levels. It is perfect for those just beginning, for our Mum’s to be, those recovering from an injury or if you are wanting to try a challenging pilates class. We can modify the moves to suit your abilities and goals!
Whether your stiffness is from exercising at a high intensity or from lack of movement our stretch and flex classes are perfect for you. This class leaves you feeling taller and has been designed to relax and rebalance your muscles and increase your range of movement. This class is perfect for all ages and levels.
The dynamic exercises in this high paced class guarantee a full body cardio and strength workout that will leave you feeling energized and excited to come back for more!
This class will get your heart rate up to ensure maximum fat burning, while still getting all the added benefits associated with Pilates! 
This class is designed to enhance your body and overall health as a new Mum. Focus is placed on strengthening your pelvic floor and abdominals while toning your entire body.
Our Mum’s n Bubs classes are designed for babies up to 14 months old. Once your baby discovers their feet you may prefer to switch to other baby free classes for your own personal enjoyment.
Please bring suitable sleeping arrangements for your bub such as a bassinet or pram in case they get sleepy throughout the class. Be prepared to meet new like-minded people and enjoy a laugh or two together!


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