Bad posture has become a health epidemic that is much worse than many people think. In comparison to older generations, our lifestyles have become less active. Almost everyone has bad posture. In addition, its long-term effects are huge. If your body is imbalanced, your muscles do the work for your other muscles, and they will get tired later on. Read More


Your core is like a sturdy main link in a chain that connects your upper and lower body. Whether you’re waving your arms or scrubbing the floor, the necessary motions either come from your core, or move through it. Regardless where the motion comes from, it ripples upward and downward to adjoining links of the chain. Thus, a weak core can impair how well your arms and legs function. It also drains energy from most of the moves you make. Building up your core delivers power. A strong core also improves your balance and stability. Read More


Within the past two decades, a multitude of research studies have outlined the health benefits of body-mind exercise. Whilst the researchers usually refer to yoga, Pilates, when done correctly, is also an example of meditation in motion. Read what the experts have to say. Read More


Joseph Pilates developed his signature Reformer in the middle of the 20th Century. Almost a century has past since his initial innovation, and throughout the decades, the fitness industry has seen a diversity of high-tech advancements in equipment design. Still, few machines can compete with the versatility of the Pilates Reformer. This all-in-one apparatus accommodates over 200 exercises for every part of the body, as well as an additional 200 modifications. Read More

Can You Lose Weight With Pilates?

“Can I lose weight with Pilates?” This is one of the most popular questions about Pilates. Good news is, the answer is yes. Reformer Pilates supports weight loss. If used in conjunction with a sensible diet and some cardio work, it is entirely possible to burn fat and lose weight. Read More

Cross-Training With Pilates

For a single-sport athlete, cross training can be beneficial outside the athlete’s primary sport. For a fitness enthusiast, it means the ability to perform many different activities to ensure total fitness. Cross training with Pilates gives you an advantage to work with every muscle in your body without putting excess harm on your joints. Read More

Spring Into Summer With Reformer Pilates

The sun is out, spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner! This is the time of year where most people embark on a new fitness journey or start to think about doing so. While the warmer weather can be a motivator to start exercising, ideally we should be wanting to be strong, fit and healthy for the rest of our lives rather than just skinny for Summer. Read More

May Motivation

We know the colder months can sometimes keep us from our Reformer Pilates class. But if you are tempted to hit the snooze button in the morning, or to cancel your class in the evening remember this – staying motivated this winter requires a change to only one thing: your mindset. Yes, the cooler weather encourage eating more and doing less, but the foundation of motivation is based on two things. The first is having a goal to aim for. The second is clearly understanding the positive effects your actions will have on your life. Connect with these two forces and you will always be inspired to move your body. Constantly remind yourself of the benefits doing Reformer Pilates brings to you. You want to manage your stress levels, maintain your improved posture and bad back, have an abundance of energy and feel good in yourself rather than feeling overwhelmed and sluggish. Warm your body the healthy way with exercise. See you at class!


Almonds are one of the most nutritious of all nuts. As consumers are increasingly becoming dedicated to healthy lifestyles, studies have found that adding almonds to your diet can contribute to physical wellness, including weight loss. Read More

5 Reasons To Love Reformer Pilates

Can we state the obvious...... we love Reformer Pilates here at LifestyleBoom. In honour of International Pilates Day this Saturday 7th May we'd love to share with you why! Read More

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