Terms & Conditions For Gold Members

Direct Debits for Memberships

The following terms and conditions apply for our Gold Maintenance Memberships:
• Your ongoing membership fee will be paid fortnightly in advance at the start of each fortnight.
• You will pay via your specified payment method, which can either be a direct debit from a transaction account or credit card.
• Unless otherwise notified by you, we will continue your fortnightly membership payments after the end date of your membership, to allow you to continue using our facilities. Please keep track of where you are up to, and we will endeavour to do the same.
• Your Gold membership is 12 months. It has a 3 month minimum term.
• Please notify us via email or post if you wish to cease your payments and membership 1 month prior to the end of your membership agreement if you do not wish to continue at Lifestyle BOOM.

Your Direct Debit Agreement

We will debit your fortnightly membership fee from your nominated bank account or credit card. This will occur once a fortnight, as agreed in your application. Debit dates are preset for all members. It may take up to five days for your fee to come out of your account.

Your Direct Debit Responsibilities

• Ensuring there is enough money is available in your account or on your credit card on the payment days and five days after.
• Ensuring your account can accept direct debits.
• Advising us in advance (at least 48 hours before your next direct debit is due) about any changes to your account or credit card details.
• Advising Lifestyle BOOM and your financial institution if you wish to stop or change your direct debit arrangements, giving us at least 30 days notice.
• Check that your direct debit payments are correct. If you query a payment with us, we endeavour to respond within seven days. You may contact your financial institution and follow their policy if we do not provide you with an adequate response.

Class Policies

The membership allows you access to any of of our group classes, which you can book online or in studio. To cancel or reschedule any bookings, 12 hours notice must be given.

You will be allocated 4 classes per fortnight on your Gold Maintenance Membership. You have from your payment date plus 14 days to use the classes. Extra classes can be purchased online or in the studio at a discounted price of $25 per class for Gold Maintenance Members only.

If you go over your allocated 4 sessions per fortnight without purchasing the extra classes we will automatically deduct the fee from your nominated account for each extra class of $25 per class.

Late or Disallowed Direct Debit Payments

• If you do not pay your fees in full on the due date, your access to Lifestyle BOOM’s facilities will be suspended until we receive complete payment and you have given us your direct debit account details.
• We will charge you a late fee of $7.50 for a failed payment. You authorise us to debit this fee from your account.
• Your nominated account will continue to be debited without notice until we receive the total amount owed to us. We will endeavour to advise you before we make these attempts, either by phone, in person at Lifestyle BOOM’s studio or by email.
• You must ensure that the payment method you choose on your agreement continues throughout your agreement term, including nominated third party accounts.
• If the account details provided by you fail to make payments, you are liable for all the resulting fees and debts.

Increase in Direct Debit Fees

• We reserve the right at any time to increase your fees after the minimum period of your membership agreement has ended.
• We will make reasonable effort to contact you via email, or post if an email address is not specified by you, at least six weeks before any price variations are implemented. We will assume that you will receive this notice within two business days of us sending it.
• Where we have made reasonable effort to let you know about fee changes, you authorise us to increase any debits from your nominated direct debit account in accordance with this increase.

Freezing Direct Debit Membership Payments

• Memberships may be frozen in multiples of two weeks, up to a maximum of three months per calendar year.
• Each freeze period must begin and end on a fee payment day.
• Memberships may be frozen for up to three months for travel or medical reasons, but you must provide us with supporting documents that we are reasonably satisfied with and at least 30 days notice.
• All fees must be up to date before the freeze period begins.
• If for a particular medical reason, or you have become bankrupt or been made redundant, you are able to freeze your payments for up to four months. We require supporting documentation to authorise this.
• If you become pregnant you may freeze your membership for the duration of your pregnancy. We require supporting documentation for this, and do encourage you to continue with pregnancy Pilates should you have approval from your doctor.
• You cannot freeze your membership payments one month prior to the end of your agreement term.

The End of Your Direct Debit Membership

• You may cancel your membership after the 3 month initial term.
• If you provide us with one month’s notice, your membership can expire at the end of the 3 month minimum term or any time after that. One month’s notice is required from your next direct debit date.
• You can cancel your membership at the end of your agreement term by emailing us or mailing us your cancellation request in writing.
• Please provide your email address at the time of cancelling so we can confirm your cancellation.
• Contact your financial institution to cancel all direct debit arrangements.
• You must pay any fees owed to us at the time of cancelling; otherwise we may take action to recover them.

Cancelling During the 3 Month Minimum Term

We do not offer any refunds at all. We can, however, offer credit for the same services at a later time or transfer memberships to a friend or family member. All memberships are non-transferrable for cash. Only one person may use a membership at the same time, unless specified by us.

You may only cancel during the minimum term if: -

• You are paying out the remainder of your membership

If you relocate to an area more than 15km away from Lifestyle BOOM, you may transfer your membership to a friend or family member. We must sight a letter from your agent or employer.

If you become bankrupt, you may transfer your membership to a friend or family member. We will need to see documents supporting this.

If you become sick or incapacitated, you may transfer your membership to a friend or family member. This must be supported by us sighting a certificate from a qualified medical practitioner stating that you cannot exercise for the remainder of your term.

Cancelling If We Change the Agreement

You can cancel your membership at any time if we:
• Change or add to these terms and conditions
• Change the facilities or services
• Change your membership fees in a way that extremely adversely effects you

Cancellation and No Show Policy

It is not a problem to cancel your class reservation, however we do require 12 hours notice. If you fail to supply us with 12 hours notice of your cancellation, you must still cover the cost of the session. The fee will be deducted from your package or account.

If you fail to arrive to a booked session, you must cover the cost of that session. The fee will be deducted from your package or account. Our time is valuable and we want to ensure all of our clients can access our classes.


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