5 Reasons To Love Reformer Pilates

Can we state the obvious...... we love Reformer Pilates here at LifestyleBoom. In honour of International Pilates Day this Saturday 7th May we'd love to share with you why!

1. It Makes You Look Good
That long, lean dancers body with the long lean muscles to go with it is the definition of a pilates body. Strong, fit and still feminine. The pilates reformer is also perfect for toning all those hard to reach places, your ab and core muscles, your triceps, your bum/hips and thighs. The added benefit, that it does wonders for your posture- making you look taller and slimmer.

2. It Makes You Feel Good
Smooth, elongated movements. A concentrationn on your breath. It's almost meditative if it wasn't for the burn. Pilates is (in our opinion) as good for our mind as it is for our bodies. 

3. It Is Low Impact

For those of us with weak knees, ankles or other troublesome injuries, pilates is an extremely effective workout that doesn't place any additional weight or pressure on your joints. Perfect also for those who are in the early or late stage of pregnancy.

4. It's A Full Body Workout

The use of the straps, the foot bar and the reformer bed leave our instructors with an endless amount of exercises to choose from to work your entire body. 

5. It's Fun
It's fun. And when something is fun you do it more often. And gladly.

If you haven't already, check out our introductory offers and come try a Reformer Pilates class with us at www.lifestyleboom.com.au




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