Pilates For Perky Breasts

There are no magical, non-surgical cures for permanently increasing your breast size. However exercise, particularly reformer pilates and it's associated techniques can help your breasts to easily appear firmer and perkier.

Pilates Tones The Underlying Muscle

Your breasts are not made up of muscle but you can make your breasts appear firmer and perkier by toning the underlying muscles of your chest using the Pilates Reformer. Exercises like hugging a tree are excellent at targeting the pectoral muscles that lie underneath your breasts.

Pilates Improves Your Posture

Reformer pilates places a huge emphasis on slow, controlled and correct movement over fast, uncontrolled movements. Posture, holding your shoulders back and down away from your ears, is a very important and often talked about part of many pilates move. It's this emphasis that leaves clients feeling like they are walking taller after a class compared to when they walked into the studio.

Correct postural alignment plays a huge part in pilates and while it is also good for your back, neck and shoulders it also encourages you to lift your chest up rather than let it sag down. Not only will doing this make your breasts look perkier but you will also appear more confident and slimmer.

If you catch yourself often standing or sitting with rounded shoulders and a rounded lower back then consider giving reformer pilates at www.lifestyleboom.com.au a try. Our instructors are friendly and expertly trained in how to prompt you consistently on your technique to help break this habit.

Here's to perky breasts!




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