Pilates For Men

Pilates works very well in strengthening lower abdominal and pelvic muscles, which are essential for a woman’s childbearing, reproductive and urinary function. It also doesn’t involve heavy lifting, making Pilates often seen as an activity made for women.

However, there are reasons why men should do Pilates too.

Pilates is a system of physical fitness that conditions the body and train the muscles for flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination. Because of its popularity among women, many men have the belief that Pilates exercises aren’t appropriate for their workout routines.


Though there are men who have been part of the Pilates scene, the popularity of Pilates has come from a wave of female participants and instructors, leaving some impression that it is geared towards women.

Actually, Pilates was started by a man, Joseph Pilates. It was used to train many males during the World War I. He himself practiced this method. He worked with German soldiers and helped them recover and rehabilitate from injuries. The practice was athletic in nature. Years passed, Pilates became a training vehicle for athletes, both men and women.

Why Men Should Do Pilates

Despite of Pilates being popular to women, more weight trainers are turning to the system to increase muscle power and flexibility. It is also great to keep the flab away.

Gain Six-Pack Abs

Pilates has a strong emphasis on core strength. It incorporates slow and controlled moving core exercises that sometimes require you to hold a pose for an extended period of time. This results in an intense and unique contraction for the abdominals that many people aren’t used to. Introducing muscles to new contractions or exercises will shock them and produce great results, such as the six-pack. Pilates also helps improve balance and stability by strengthening the core.

Live More Consciously

Pilates helps you develop awareness. With each movement, you learn to become always conscious on what muscles you’re working with and ensure you’re using the correct ones. This will help you become more aware of the muscles in your body and how to target each one effectively. It goes by a part-by-part approach, which works effectively in isolating muscle groups.

Increase Flexibility

The most challenging for men when doing Pilates is flexibility. It involves stretching which helps adds flexibility to the muscles, thus making the body move with ease. Pilates benefits men by promoting functional mobility with a stable center. Pilates is also customizable, which can help you progress safely.

Prevent and Repair Injuries

The structure of the male body is different to women and usually tighter. By increasing flexibility, you are less likely to be injured. Pilates uses specific exercises to increase range of motion in all joints and movements of the body. Sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists and physical therapists alike highly recommend Pilates for continued rehabilitation.

Pilates, which has been portrayed as a “female exercise” throughout the years, is beginning to become more respected by the general population as a workout for everyone of all ages. Pilates can be an amazing eye-opener in which not just women, but so do men can benefit from.

So men, forget all the notions that Pilates is only for women and book your session online at www.lifestyleboom.com.au today!




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